Extra Curricular

3rd Place in the Worcestershire Poetry Slam Competition!

Poetry Slam Girls 2016

Recently, Spoz came into Ridgeway Academy for the Year seven Poetry Slam and this is when the Sassy Similes (our team name) were created! Our poem was voted the best of the day, which meant we were able to attend and compete in the finals at the Palace Theatre in Redditch. For the past three months, we had been practicing every lunchtime and sometimes after school.

The night of the finals was finally here! When we arrived we found Mr Frost and Mrs Riddell, who were there and ready to cheer us on. We went and found our seats, feeling nervous but excited too. The judges drew the schools out of a hat, for the running order of the performances. Luckily, we were told we were performing last and this meant we could check out the competition. The other teams were good; we were nervous and excited but definitely ready to smash it!

Once we were on the stage we couldn’t see that much because of the bright lights. This helped a lot because it made the audience seem smaller. Also, having performed earlier on that day in front of the entire school we felt ready to do it! We had our best performance to date on the night and we were really happy with how it all went. Spoz told us that we were having an interval and we would find out the results after the break.

The results were in and we couldn’t wait to find out how we had done…. When we found out that we had come third we were over the moon! All our hard work had paid off!

We are now starting to perform at other schools around Redditch – including Astwood Bank. Thank you to everyone at Ridgeway for their support!

By Jessi Dodd, Maeve Winn, Maisey Leake, Sammie Oliver, Ella Harrison, Karenza Williams and Mollie Adams.

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