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Ridgeway’s Steps to Becoming Secondary

Below is a table highlighting the steps and significant milestones the school is planning for as it converts from a middle school deemed secondary to a fully fledged seconday that still takes Year 5 and 6.

This table is meant as an easy guide to view the plans  the school are making.  The subsequent changes to the school and teaching staff will not impact on the day-to-day expereinces of pupils. This ‘ready reckoner’ does not contain all of the detail of our plans but is aimed at giving people a route through.

The school has submitted a ‘significant change business plan’ to the Regional Schools Commisioner and the Education Funding Agency who analysed closely the schools academic and financial plans.  The RSC and EFA agreed to the schools robust business case.

The school is confident in its staff and resources and is excited and enthusiastic about delivering secondary provision.

Should you have any questions regarding this please feel free to make an appointment with Mr Bennett, Mrs Tait, Mr Clarkson or Mrs Skinner who would be happy to talk with you.



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