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Assertive Mentoring – Key Stage 2

Dear Parent/Carer

Hopefully you will have recently received some written targets that are personalised for your child in English and Maths.  Ridgeway Academy uses a system called Assertive Mentoring in Key Stage 2 which tracks pupils’ strengths and weaknesses whilst they progress through the school.  Assessments are tailored to the individuals stage in their learning and helps staff to identify any gaps in their learning.  Targets will be produced every half term and will be sent home with your child.

Assertive Mentoring uses the following terminology; a stage number (1 to 6) followed by either ‘Emerging’, ‘Developing’, ‘Secure’ or ‘Mastering’.  The stage number does not equate to the year group’s programme of study e.g. nearly all pupils working at a stage 5 (and many at a stage 4) in Year 6 last year achieved national expectations in the end of KS2 SATS.  It is more beneficial to picture Assertive Mentoring as a method to identify areas of weakness for your child whilst also tracking the progress in each area.

Ridgeway Academy uses the new end of KS2 SATS as a way of tracking and monitoring progress as pupils move towards the end of their Key Stage.

If you would like more information on assessment or Assertive Mentoring at Ridgeway, then please don’t hesitate to contact myself by either school telephone number or email  Alternatively, there is an assessment booklet on the school website ( which explains how we track progress and set targets throughout Key Stage 2, 3 and 4.

Ridgeway Academy is in a unique position as we do not have to phase out any old GCSE specification or assessment measures. In KS3 and 4, Ridgeway pupils will be gearing towards the new GCSE specifications and will be tracked on a pathway leading towards the new 9-1 GCSE grading.

With regards to the Assertive Mentoring target sheets, please support your child in these areas at home as we value the home-school partnership throughout the development of your child. If you would like clarification over any of the targets that have been set, then please speak to your child’s subject teacher.

Yours sincerely


Mr T Clarkson

Assistant Head Teacher

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