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Year 8 Options – FAQ

Ridgeway Academy Year 8 Options. Frequently asked questions from the options evening are answered here. If you have any further questions then please contact school and we will arrange for the relevant person to speak to you.

Q1) If I take triple science, do I lose an option choice?

Yes. In order to complete triple science content, 8 lessons are needed. Double science, will be delivered over 5 lessons per week. Triple science will require 3 further lessons, hence losing an option choice.

Q2) Is there a difference in academic ability of pupils between Pathway A and Pathway B?

The only difference is that Pathway A pupils are given the option of triple science and German. We chose recommendations for Pathway A based upon your ability to complete triple science.

Q3) Can I take an extra GCSE?

In certain circumstances, we would offer an extra GCSE for pupils. This would mean an extra commitment after school. Could you indicate the extra option as an extra GCSe on your guided options return form.

Q4) What is the difference between Drama and Performing Arts GCSE?

Performing Arts involves the three disciplines of drama, dance and music and you will work in all three areas in order to produce a performance. You need to be an all-round performer.

Drama focuses only on acting and you don’t need to be able to dance, sing or play an instrument. Both courses are mainly practical, assessed predominantly by controlled assessment, but you do need to be able to work well with others in a group.

Q5) What if I decide I don’t like the subject I have chosen? Can I swap?

We recommend that you consider your options carefully prior to choosing. There may be limited opportunities to make changes once the timetable is confirmed.

Q6) Can I do triple science and 2 options?

Please see question 3

Q7) Can I choose Spanish instead of German as my core option? (i.e. It is in the option block where I make my four choices).

We recommend that you choose Pathway B, but be aware that this will mean that you will unable to complete triple science.

Q8) Should I continue with French or should I take a risk- maybe a big one- and start Spanish from scratch as my language option?

Three years is plenty of time to be proficient enough in spanish to take a GCSE.

Q9) Do I have to do a language if I want to do pathway C?

If you choose pathway C, you are not required to choose a language.

Q10.) Even though I am on pathway C, can I still take a language?

You can take a language on Pathway C as one of your options.

Q11.) How/ When will you know which tier paper my child will take?

There are very few subjects that have tiered exams now. For those that do, the subject teacher will be able to recommend a tier for your child at a later date.

Q12.) Will they be taught in sets?

For English, maths and science, pupils will be set. Option subjects will be taught in option groupings.

Q13.) I want to choose Pathway A but my option subject (Media) is only available to Pathway B and C. Can I still choose it?

If you choose triple science and media there may be a conflict. We will contact anyone impacted by this or any other timetable clashes.

Q14.) By choosing Pathway A, am I automatically completing triple Science or do I have to include it in my options at the bottom?

If you do not want to take triple science then it may be advisable to follow Pathway B.

Q15.) If I wish to take an additional GCSE, how do I make the school aware of this?

Please write this onto the back of your guided options form so that it can be taken into consideration when constructing the timetable.

Q16.) Pathway A states that my child can take up to 12 GCSE’s, I can’t see how my child can do this?

Should you wish to take more than the prescribed number of GCSEs then please write this onto the back of the Options form.

Q17.) If a subject is oversubscribed (e.g. PE), will you look to run 2 groups?

This will depend on the total number of pupils choosing the subject, should it be feasible then we will run more than one group.

Q18.) When will we find out if we have been allocated our choices?

We are committed to building the timetable around our current pupils. Options will be confirmed in the Summer term.

Q19). You have shown a picture of DofE and discussed it before, we are keen for our child to do it, will you definitely be running this?

Yes. Staff have been trained to run the DofE scheme and details regarding this will follow once the timetable has been confirmed.

Q20) Can my child take BTEC First Animal Care if on Pathway A?

No, pupils on Pathways B & C only, can choose Animal Care as an option.

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