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year 7 & 8 Recipes

Here are the recipes used in year 7 & 8 food lessons. Please click on the item to download:

Sweet Potato Curry

Vegetable Cous Cous


Ragu Sauce and Pasta


Mini Savoury Tarts


Chocolate Brownies


Chicken and Noodle Stir Fry


Bolognaise Sauce

Apple and Sultana Crumble

Banana Muffins

Carrot and Orange Soup

Fruit Salad

Jam Tarts

Kinder Chocolate Muffins

Leek and Potatoe Soup


Mini Carrot Cakes

Mushroom Soup

Tomato Soup

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  1. It’s frustrating that you can’t see the ingredients that they need for cooking & its not letting me see the recipe to get my child the ingredients he needs to do the cooking any chance you can send out ingredients on a piece of paper.


    • Hi Mrs Mcgrady,

      If you click on the meal you should be able to download a Word document with the ingredients on. Obviously you will need Microsoft Word to view them. Please reply to this message if you are still unable to see the ingredients and I will do my best to help.


      Mr Chris Burns
      IT Support


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