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Dear Parents/Carers,

As Ridgeway begins it journey to secondary status there are many things that are changing in the school and not just the age range of pupils that we cater for! We are heavily investing in staff, training and educational resources that will enable us to deliver an excellent Key Stage 4 curriculum as well as continuing to offer the best local provision for Key Stages 2 & 3.

Recently, the Local Authority have recently granted us just over £34,000 due to the development of homes in the local area and the impact that this new housing will have on pupil numbers in the future. Following a detailed review of the school site, including a pupil survey, Ridgeway has allocated that money towards expanding its Hall space.

Our school Hall is currently a multi-purpose space housing PE, assemblies, Drama & dining at the school, we want it to be bigger. We have started discussion with a building company to look into the feasibility of extending the Hall out onto an under-used grassed area between the current Hall and our Year 5 Block. This will require the school obtaining further funding from the government which will be applied for in December 2017, when the next funding round begins. We estimate the overall build to amount to around £500,000. Vital to the success of this funding bid is the contribution that the school can make towards the building work being requested and this is why we are writing to you.

The PE department have come up with some fundraising ideas to carry out over the next few months:

  • Sponsored Bleep test (before Easter)
  • Bag packing at local supermarkets
  • Sponsored Steeplechase (after Easter)
  • Attendance at the English Schools Athletics Track & Field Stadium in July 2017 (sponsored success)
  • Bags2Schools collections
  • Crowd funding
  • Local Business Sponsorship
  • Match funding

All of these activities are in place for us to raise a target of £15,000. This would mean that the school can contribute at least 10% of the build costs to the Hall Extension project.

So, how can you help? We will send out letters and emails regarding the activities nearer to the dates they are being held and we will be running assemblies to inform the children how to get involved:

  • If you get asked to sponsor a child in an activity, could you say yes?
  • If you get asked to donate some old clothes to the school for recycling, could you send in bin bags full of your unused items?
  • If you run a small business and would like your name on the wall of our new Hall once it is completed, then could you send us a cheque?

All donations will be very gratefully received and placed in a specific ring-fenced fund allocated to the Hall Extension.

Should you have any further questions about our fundraising and how you can get involved then please feel free to contact either Clare Skinner, School Business Manager or myself and we will be happy to help you to help us.

Ridgeway is very proud of our pupils and all of their achievements. The development of the Hall will bring benefits both academically and beyond for all pupils attending the school, now and in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Jack Worton

PE Teacher

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