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Secondary Plans Update

Dear Parents/Carers

Our newsletter keeps parents and pupils informed of the school’s activities regarding all year groups, SATs and other in year assessments and activities.   However, we would like to keep you updated on our secondary plans via the bulletin.

Key Stage 4 curriculum and Year 8 into Year 9 options

  • Pupils and parents in Year 8 have had the opportunity to discuss GCSE subject options with staff at the Option Evening in January and have each received an Options Booklet. The booklet can be found at:

  • This booklet will highlight the exam boards chosen by the school for each subject and outlines the content and expectations at GCSE for each subject across the school.
  • Our current Year 8 have made their option choices and we have created our timetable for Key Stage 4 based on this information.

Options Confirmation

  • Letters will be sent out to the current Year 8 pupils by 7th July to confirm their option subjects ready for September 2017

Wed 28th June

  • Year 7 Children had a GCSE taster afternoon to receive 5-minute briefings on the content of option subjects. This will be followed up with subject presentations in assemblies during the Autumn Term and then an options evening in Jan 2018.

Exam board pedagogy

  • All GCSEs are changing nationally from 2017. Therefore, we are in a fortunate position to be able to concentrate on the new GCSE changes for your children.
  • Pearson (Edexcel Exam board) have met with our Head of Science to discuss the new changes to GCSEs that are implemented nationally in the next couple of years.
  • AQA (exam board) teaching Geography GCSE has been attended by Mrs Powell
  • AQA (exam board) teaching History GCSE has been attended by Mr Bennett
  • OCR (exam board) teaching PE GCSE has been attended by Mr J Worton
  • OCN (exam board) teaching Forest School have visited the school and Mrs J Smart has completed her Forest School Training.

Key Stage 4 at Ridgeway

  • Artwork for the Year 9 and tie has been approved and we are waiting for confirmation of a launch date from our suppliers.
  • Some staff have been working on the different areas of the schools that Key Stage 4 will have access to and the different standards and expectations across the curriculum and school. More will follow as the working party develop these areas.
  • Our Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Award is so far attracting a significant number of Year 8 into Year 9 pupils and the children and staff are excited and looking forward to this.

Working with other schools

  • Ridgeway is part of an organisation called Schools of Tomorrow. This organisation gathers schools together around the country to promote and work on ways of improving pupil experiences. Deacons Academy in Peterborough (one of the largest Secondary schools in the country) is part of this fellowship who we work with, along with Pershore High school and a number of other schools.
  • We are also working closely with our local First and Primary schools.
  • We are working closely with Worcester VI Form College on KS5 delivery.

GCSE Resources

  • History and Science text books plus on-line content
  • New band saw and screen printer ordered for DT
  • Establishing a 3rd science room
  • Bigger chairs and tables being delivered in the summer holidays

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