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Blackwell Court Camping Trip

Dear Parents/Carers and Pupils of Year 7

As we prepare for GCSEs we would like to help young people understand and develop the necessary skills and knowledge for each GCSE subject.  The school staff will ensure that this is completed so that pupils will reach their potential.

As well as knowledge and understanding, we also know that pupils need other skills and attributes such as:-

Team Building                                                      Resilience                                                              Confidence

Problem Solving                                                   Independence                                                      Processing

With this in mind, we are hoping to take all of the current Year 7s on a two day (one night camping) expedition at Blackwell Court towards the end of September.

The outline of the trip will be explained in detail in early September.  In brief, we are aiming for pupils to be dropped off at Blackwell Court on a day to be confirmed at 9.00am.  Pupils then pitch their tents in the same gender groups they have chosen (similar to our Year 6 camp).  Pupils would be encouraged to pitch their tents alone (but supervised).  The remainder of the two days would involve a number of activities from ‘orienteering’, to ‘zip wire’ to ‘night line’.   Ridgeway teachers would deliver most of the activities as we are keen to ensure good relationships between our pupils and staff.  With this investment in relationships, pupils will feel confident and supported to achieve and be successful.  We hope to run one or two sessions led by the centre staff on the resources that they have (zip wire or grass sledges, etc).

We envisage the cost to be £50.00 for the two days, which will cover camping, food and activities.  We would ideally like all of Year 7 to attend if possible to ensure a ‘team ethos’ amongst all of the pupils and staff as we prepare for GCSEs.

There will be more details to follow, however, at this time please could you complete the reply slip below to acknowledge the trip.

On 28th June we will hold a Year 7 GCSE taster afternoon as we did last year.  There will be more details to follow.

As you will be aware from our website, twitter and facebook feeds and Newsletters, the school has invested in new equipment (cadcam machine, 3D printer for D&T and subjects specific resources to name a few) and continue to do so.  Should any parents wish to discuss our secondary plans with the school, please book an appointment via the office.

Yours sincerely




Please download the letter with attached reply slip here.

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