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After School Sports Clubs

Dear Parent/Carer                                                                                                       

Next week we will be beginning our after school sports learning programme. The clubs provided are below. These will change every half term to offer your child different opportunities throughout the year. Other clubs that may run throughout the year include; basketball, table tennis, rugby, rounders, cricket, athletics, dance, fitness and running club. Some of these clubs may run at lunchtimes.

If your child is interested in any of the clubs on offer this term, please complete and tear off the slip on this letter. Clubs may alter for a number of reasons and pupils will be informed at least 1 day before the club but we will always try and give as much notice as possible. We encourage pupils and parents to communicate with each other on the morning of the club to ensure there is no confusion. Pupils will need to make sure they know their arrangements of returning home after a club.

If you are collecting your child from school, please use the school playground for parking to ease congestion.

Many fixtures will also take place and pupils will be given a separate letter to inform both themselves and their parents. Classes will be given a sports bulletin to remind them of the clubs for the following week, which will also be displayed on the school website. The coming half term is particularly busy with fixtures and therefore there aren’t as many clubs available due to staff taking teams to competitions. For this reason, we really do urge you to check the weekly sports bulletin just in case clubs have had to be cancelled.

We look forward to an enjoyable year of sport and hope that your child makes the most of what is on offer.

Yours Sincerely

PE Department

Day Year Gender Activity Venue Type Time Staff
Tue 5/6 Boys Football Field Training 3.00-4.15 JW
  8/9 Boys Rugby Field Training 3.00-4.15 TC
Wed 5/6/7 Girls Netball Playground Training 3.00-4.15 JS/JW
Thur 7/8/9 Boys Football Field Training 3.00-4.15 JW/JS
Fri 9 Mixed Trampolining Hall Training 3.00-4.15 JW
  All Mixed Running club Field Training 12.15-12.45

N.B. Advance notice that there will be no clubs the week commencing 9th October due to staff being away on a year 9 residential trip.

Please download the above letter with attached reply slip here.

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