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The National Autistic Society

September 2017

Dear Parents / Guardians
We would like to take this opportunity of introducing ourselves to you at the beginning of the school year.
We have recently taken on the role of Voluntary Co-Chairs of the Worcestershire Branch of the National Autistic Society. Our aim is to support you and your children, as well as adults with autism across the county. We have realised that there seems to be little going on so far, and so we want to put a plan in place.
We will be sending you, via your school SEND Co-ordinator, an invitation to meet us this term on one afternoon, for 45 minutes just before you collect your child from school. One meeting will be held in each postcode area, to ensure that you do not have to travel very far.
We also would like to keep you informed of anything else that is happening in the county for children and adults on the Autistic Spectrum and their families.
NAS is running a campaign at the moment, called the “Autism Hour” in which businesses give an hour of their trading time to making the environment more Autism friendly, through such measures as dimming the lights, and turning off the music and tannoy system. They are also giving their staff some training in Autism awareness. In Worcestershire the following businesses have committed these times:
• Superdrug, Redditch on 8th October at 11.00 am, for an hour
• Pets at Home, across the county, 8th October, first hour of trading
• Clarks Shoes, Worcester, every day – 2nd-8th October, first hour of trading
• Nationwide Building Society, Redditch, for four Wednesdays (starting on 13th September) at 4pm for one hour
• Nationwide Building Society, Worcester, for four Thursdays (starting on 14th September) at 4pm for one hour
If you get a chance to visit these businesses at these times, it would be really great. Also if you want to provide feedback, just contact us by e-mail.
We look forward to meeting you soon, and to working with you over the coming years.

Beryl Curtis and Joseph Scanlon
Co-Chairs, NAS Worcestershire Branch

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