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Dear Parents/Carers,

The school is writing to all students that use the bus services, particularly those provided by Diamond Buses. The managerial team of Diamond Buses have made us aware that since September the behaviour of some students on all of the Diamond Bus routes has been unacceptable. There have been incidents of rude behaviour, poor language and failing to stay sat whilst the bus is in motion. All of this behaviour has made the drivers feel that at times the vehicle has become unsafe. There are also a number of students refusing to pay for trips. Diamond has staffed the buses with extra staff to assist the driver yet a few students are still choosing to be rude towards the bus employees.

The school will occasionally send staff on the buses to carry out spot checks on behaviour and assist the bus staff. The school will continue to challenge students when we are made aware of names of students who behave inappropriately and we will continue to hold assemblies and other sessions to remind students of expected behaviours, both in and outside of school.

Diamond buses and the school would like to ask all parents of students to discuss behaviour on the buses and remind their child of the following:

  1. When using the buses, payment must be made and a ticket obtained
  2. Poor language is unacceptable
  3. Poor behaviour is unacceptable
  4. Stay sat on the seat for the journey until you need to get off
  5. The safety of each other is everyone’s’ responsibility and that students can help this be simply following A, B, C and D above.

If students do not follow the above code consistently, then Diamond Buses do have the right to refuse entry to their bus and parents would need to find alternative transport for their child to get to and from school.

Worcestershire local authority transport guidance is a follows:

  • Operators are provided with guidance notes to assist in the operation of service and procedures for checking tickets, dealing with emergencies and behavioural issues.

Behaviour on buses

  • Guidance notes for student behaviour whilst using any form of transport provision are issued with the ticket. These have regard to the discipline on journeys and rights to refuse travel.
  • For minor instances of misbehaviour or bullying a warning letter, followed by a temporary ban for repeat occurrences will be sent to the parent or carer, copied to the school. A ban is usually for the period of two weeks.
  • For more serious incidents, such as violent behaviour that causes a threat to the operation of the vehicle or damage to the vehicle itself, a ban may take effect immediately after the incident has been reported. In some instances, transport assistance may be withdrawn. The Authority will liaise with the school and the operator as to what action is appropriate following more serious issues.
  • Where transport assistance has been withdrawn, the Authority may consider reinstating provision after a Review Meeting involving the parents, Headteacher, the operator and a representative from the Authority. This may involve a phased reinstatement of transport.
  • If a student has been issued with a ban of any length, it is a parent’s responsibility to transport the student to and from school for the duration of the ban, the school and the Authority will not provide assistance with any additional costs


Kind regards

Ridgeway Academy

Diamond Bus Company

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