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Assertive Mentoring

Dear Parent/Carer

Over the past couple of days, your child has received personalised written targets for English (KS2) and maths (KS2, 3 + 4). Ridgeway Academy uses a system called Assertive Mentoring which tracks pupils’ strengths and weaknesses whilst they progress through the school. Assessments are tailored to the child’s stage in their development and helps staff to identify any gaps in their learning. Targets will be produced every half term and will be sent home with your child.

Assertive Mentoring uses the following terminology; a stage number followed by either ‘emerging’, ‘developing’, ‘secure’ or ‘mastering’. The stage number equates to the year group’s programme of study. At this time of the year, typically a year 5 pupil should be a 5 emerging, a year 6 pupil should be 6 emerging etc.  It is helpful to view Assertive Mentoring as a method to identify areas for development for your child whilst also tracking the progress in each area.

The following tips would help you support your child at home:
– Read through the targets with your child
– Please liaise with your child’s English or maths teacher if you are not clear on what is required of your child (sometimes the terminology is not in pupil or parent speak)
– Access the KS2 grammar hammer weekly skills via the school website
– Access KS2, 3 + 4 maths ‘pupil prompts’ on the school website which show you examples of methods being used for each target
– Access KS2, 3 + 4 weekly skills tests via the school website

All Assertive Mentoring resources can be found on the school website via the ‘Pupils’ tab and then ‘Assertive Mentoring’. Should you wish to discuss this or your child’s progress, then please contact their subject teacher in the first instance.

Yours sincerely,
Mr T Clarkson
Assistant Head Teacher

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