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Pupil Rewards

Dear Parent/Carer,

On Monday 18th December, Ridgeway are holding a KS2 Christmas party and a KS3/4 Cinema trip to reward pupils who have consistently maintained high standards throughout the first term. A separate letter has been sent to pupils who have unfortunately not met the criteria for this reward but will still continue to be involved in the Christmas festivity over the next week including the Christmas dinner, games, Ridgeway Grammy Awards and the final day X-Factor showcase.

Although we expect and educate pupils to make the right choices because it is the ‘right thing to do’, at the start of the term we reminded the pupils that we were once again looking to reward pupils who consistently did the right thing on a day to day basis.

Pupils have been informed of the criteria required to gain this reward. If a pupil has not achieved the necessary points then they will continue to have normal lessons. This has been made very clear to all children that this is not a sanction for pupils who may not meet the criteria for the reward as they will continue with normal learning activities in school. This is purely to reward pupils who have gone above and beyond when representing themselves and the school. By comparing this to the world of work, it is a little like a reward or bonus that some employers give their staff for continued and sustained hard work.

Although we would have loved for all pupils to meet the required standard, we appreciate that this will not happen but think it is important to reward and celebrate those who do. Pupils have been kept updated with their running total throughout the term by form tutors so that they have had the opportunity to rectify any unwanted behaviour.

As always, Ridgeway are proud of the achievements of pupils to date and we hope to reward even more pupils when we look to reward pupils’ high standards once again at Easter.

Yours sincerely,

Mr T Clarkson
Assistant Head Teacher

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