Ridgeway Bus Timetable

This is the timetable for our bus service which will come in to effect in September 2019.


Salters Lane, Batchley 08:10
The Foxlydiate Inn, Foxlydiate 08:15
Webheath Dental Practice, Webheath 08:10
Webheath Primary School, Webheath 08:12
Great Barn Lane, Webheath 08:10
Windmill Drive, Walkwood (By Bramley Cottage) 08:12
Hunt End Lane, Walkwood 08:17
Ridgeway Academy, Astwood Bank 08:25


Ridgeway Academy, Astwood Bank 15:10
Hunt End Lane, Walkwood 15:20
Windmill Drive, Walkwood (By Bramley Cottage) 15:21
Great Barn Lane, Webheath 15:23
Webheath Primary School, Webheath 15:25
Webheath Dental Practice, Webheath 15:26
The Foxlydiate Inn, Foxlydiate 15:29
Salters Lane, Batchley 15:34