Our Staff

Should you have a query, comment or concern regarding your child, then please contact their class teacher in the first instance. Staff email addresses are listed below. For all other queries, please contact the school office at office@ridgeway.academy or telephone 01527 892867.

Our staffing structure is as follows:

Senior Leadership Team Mr M Bennett Head Teacher slt@ridgeway.academy
Mrs L Tait Deputy Head Teacher slt@ridgeway.academy
Mr T Clarkson Assistant Head Teacher & SENCo slt@ridgeway.academy
Mr A Hewitt School Business Manager slt@ridgeway.academy
Head of Faculty Mr D Roberts Teacher, HoF – Problem Solving (D&T and Maths) dkr1@ridgeway.academy
Mrs P Nesbitt Teacher, HoF – Communication (English & Languages) pjn11@ridgeway.academy
Mr M Frost Teacher, HoF – People & Society (Humanities & Science) mjf33@ridgeway.academy
Mrs S Trevethick Teacher, HoF – Creative (Art, PE & Music) st191@ridgeway.academy
Subject Leaders Mr N Hayward Teacher, Maths Leader nwh2@ridgeway.academy
Mrs A Riddell Teacher, English Leader ajr157@ridgeway.academy
Mrs S Trueman Teacher, ICT leader set70@ridgeway.academy
Teaching Staff Mr A Ayton Teacher – Languages apayton@ridgeway.academy
Mrs S Coleman Teacher, Mentor for PE slc84@ridgeway.academy
Mrs L Croxton Teacher – Maths, Mentor for ITT, School Council ljc93@ridgeway.academy
Mrs R Eost Teacher – Languages rke7@ridgeway.academy
Mrs C Gallagher Teacher – PE cmg72@ridgeway.academy
Mr L Garwood Teacher – English lg246@ridgeway.academy
Mrs L Hill Teacher, Mentor for Art/DT lah85@ridgeway.academy
Mrs L Leeson Teacher, Mentor for History lmm52@ridgeway.academy
Mr L Sabin Teacher – Music lsabin@ridgeway.academy
Miss A Savva Teacher – Maths/English as528@ridgeway.academy
Mrs H Price Teacher – DT hprice@ridgeway.academy
Mrs J Harris Teacher – Science jharris@ridgeway.academy
Mr J Worton Teacher – PE jworton@ridgeway.academy
Miss A Jones Teacher ajones@ridgeway.academy
Mr J Smith Teacher – PE jsmith@ridgeway.academy
Mr R Kent Teacher rkent@ridgeway.academy
Mr Faulkner Teacher – Science kfaulkner@ridgeway.academy
Mr C Wesbury Teacher – Science cwesbury@ridgeway.academy
Mrs F Yaker Teacher fyaker@ridgeway.academy
Teaching Assistants Mrs L Andrews Teaching Assistant la59@ridgeway.academy
Miss K Hill Teaching Assistant khill@ridgeway.academy
Mr L Shakels Teaching Assistant lshakels@ridgeway.academy
Mrs P Wilkins Teaching Assistant pwilkins@ridgeway.academy
Mrs J Arkless Teaching Assistant jea22@ridgeway.academy
Mrs S Cuscito Pastoral Leader KS3 sac115@ridgeway.academy
Mrs H Dudley Teaching Assistant hd60@ridgeway.academy
Mrs C Gibbs Pastoral Leader KS2 cg54@ridgeway.academy
Mrs M Goddard Teaching Assistant mg89@ridgeway.academy
Mrs M Smith Teaching Assistant mjs160@ridgeway.academy
Mrs M McNamee Teaching Assistant, Lunchtime Leader mcm17@ridgeway.academy
Mrs L Reeves DT Technician lreeves@ridgeway.academy
Mrs C Sabin Teaching Assistant cas71@ridgeway.academy
Mrs J Shipton Teaching Assistant jcs58@ridgeway.academy
School Support Officers Mrs J Heffernan Front of School jh752@ridgeway.academy
Mr C Burns IT Technician cab179@ridgeway.academy
Mrs P Wedgbury Records & Leadership Support pwedgbury@ridgeway.academy
Mrs S Fiumefreddo Resources sf67@ridgeway.academy
Mrs K Tattersall Data kt169@ridgeway.academy
Site Team Mr R Williams Caretaker rwilliams@ridgeway.academy
Mr K Potts Relief Caretaker kgp11@ridgeway.academy
Mrs D D’Albert Cleaner
Mrs K Hill Cleaner
Mrs K Goode Cleaner
Lunchtime Supervisors Mrs S Lucas Lunchtime Supervisors
Mrs J Scarle Lunchtime Supervisors
Ms R Summers Lunchtime Supervisors